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We need to protect the environment !
Bees Matter to everyone.

We depend on bees for the majority of the food we eat; yet the world’s species face extinction. Experts are concerned by the declines. The reasons for the fall in numbers include: intensive agriculture, pesticide use, pollution, disease, the use of genetically modified crops and climate change.

we can do our part to help keep these important pollinators well fed. Growing a diverse variety of flowering plants can satisfy the appetites of various bee species. Along with planting lots of their favorite flowers, we can also improve the environment for bees.

Rain is romantic

Exhibition in Pinneberg - Rain is romantic

“Rain is romantic” – under this motto Mouna Ramcke presents her new exhibition in Pinneberg. It can be seen in her gallery Aqua Art in the Rathauspassage until April.

from Frauke Heiderhoff, 08. February 2020,– source: ©2020

Rain is romantic

The Last Supper

The last supper

Before the party, after the party, an impression of time suspended

The last supper suggests a happening illustrated with two tables. The one where everything is proper, well and nicely prepared before guests arrive. The second one an impression of what’s left after the party.

Now it’s time to start the festivity under a heavenly and divine sky!

As the time goes by, the bottles of champagne are empty, the sound of diffuse music is heard. The day will soon end after this celebration. Everything was charming, but feverish and crazy. An unexpected encounter that constantly balances between dream and reality is created, transcribed visually and narratively by the shoe scene.

What’s more banal than shoes! The incredulous and amused viewer knows that two Sweethearts are there, their shoes have taken human form which convinces the world that a love story has already begun …

This translates Man’s quest, his passions, his adventures, his illusions and his hopes. The last Supper symbolizes life as a feast. It is magic and truth, value and principle, norms of moral order, needs and conformity. It is about morality and reality veiled and unveiled, without convention, it is about emotion, excitement, loss of control, mutual expectations, but also of frivolity and triviality.

The Last Supper is the story of human being, a sublime, lustrous and colorful life, as a flamboyant commemoration full of charm! always stronger, ever crazier!

NordArt 2019 Opening

Artist group picture
Catherine Briat, cultural & art advisor, French ambassy Berlin.
Mouna Ramcke; Adeline Blanchart, head of visuel art french ambassy , Berlin
With Inga Aru & Tobias Duwe
Artistes exhibitors

France is focus country at the NordArt

Since 1999, the NordArt has established itself as one of the largest exhibitions of contemporary art in Europe which takes place annually in the summer months. The NordArt is an overall work of art in its own right and is designed as such each year. More than 200 international artists, selected by a jury among 3000 candidates, present a comprehensive panorama of contemporary art. Chief curator of the NordArt is Wolfgang Gramm, Co-Curator is Inga Aru. (

 I am proud to say that under my initiativ, this year’s Focus Country is France, with its own pavillon and under the patronage of the Ambassador of the French Republic to Germany, her Excellency Anne-Marie Descôtes. I am also delighted to have been appointed by the jury to participate in this major European exhibition that takes place in Büdelsdorf in the Land of Schleswig-Holstein, not far from Hamburg.

official Opening day: 1st June 2019 at 17 PM

Opening times 2nd June to 13th October:
Tuesday – Sunday (including bank-holidays), 11 am – 7 pm